Natural State Burial Association

Environmentally sound burial options through cemeteries designed to conserve the natural landscape

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A Green Burial in a Natural Cemetery


Natural State Burial Association: Programs

Topics and programs listed below are informative and thought provoking. Contact NSBA to schedule a speaker who can present the concept and start the discussion in your community, club, or organization.

Be A Tree

Hosted by Natural State Burial Association, Be A Tree hosts Workshops, Speakers, & Conversations in relation to green burial.

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Recycle Yourself

With the current world population of 7.4 billion people and growing at 1.13% per year we need to be cognizant of our space for the future.  So why not reduce, reuse and recycle our bodies?

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Future Compost

What if – instead of being embalmed and buried or burned into ash – our bodies could help grow new life after we’ve died?

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Death Fest

A yearly event with a variety of workshops, speakers, and conversations exploring: home funerals and your legal options; philosophies of death; art; performance art; land use issues; and the environmental impact of disposition.

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Land Search. It’s Happening Here

Join our team of volunteers to help find and obtain suitable property for the development of Arkansas’ first Natural Cemetery.