why arkansas?

Arkansas, the Natural State


Living in Northwest Arkansas has given each of us the opportunity to engage in some of the most meaningful and progressive environmental programs in the country. Our community can boast a myriad of environmental achievements – – local farmers’ markets; a botanical garden; recycling and composting programs; hiking and bike trails; and a public transit system.

Many would agree that we are living the good life here in the Ozarks. We are surrounded by magnificent natural beauty, and it seems we have manifested enough spiritual sensitivity to maintain the delicate environmental balance that sustainability, coupled with development, requires of us.

Yet something is terribly amiss in our utopia – – an astounding and profound oversight. Our community has a certain and absolute need that we have neglected to address from an environmental perspective. Must our environmental considerations and well-intentioned efforts end when we die? Is there a way to echo our life’s work, our hearts’ passion with our last ‘hurrah’?

The time has come for our community to have a cemetery that reflects our continued commitment to the environmental preservation of our beloved Ozark Mountains here in the Natural State of Arkansas.

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