Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music teacher, artist, actress, dance DJ, radio host, and festival emcee. In her 3rd decade of performing, Jori is best known for her work in Big Bad Gina and continues to collaborate with chakra rocker, Ginger Doss, as well as Angela “Oxygen” Edge in their funky, punky duo, Jorian Oxygen.

“The Answer is Yes” is written for my beloved, lifelong friend, Pat Patton (Patsy) who passed away suddenly after a massive heart attack in Oct. 2015. Through much grief and soul searching, I believe I have been able to “hear” and sense her around and within me. This song represents my process and my searching for that communication and connection.

“The Answer is Yes”

Through the crack in the mirror
I can see into worlds I almost know
My reflection is real
Yet still unrevealed is my searching soul

Broken record in my brain
Repeating the refrain, “why did you go?”
When I reach out with my mind
Can I recognize replies in the wind that blows?

Are you there my love….
Are you there my love….
Are you there my love….
Are you there………my love

Empty suitcase in the hall
Won’t be that way for long, then I’m out the door
In the closet I leave
All the other personas I’ve tried before

The questions still apply
And still I wonder why I can’t hear from you
You taught me to be free, to be kind and to succeed,
And to myself be true