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Help us find and obtain suitable properties for the development of natural cemeteries


Join our team of volunteers to help find and obtain suitable land sites for the development of earth burial cemeteries across Arkansas, the Natural State.

Please contact NSBA to discuss ideal property characteristics. We are open to your ideas, suggestions, and all possible leads.

Designation of a natural burial green cemetery:

  • No embalming

  • No vaults or grave liners

  • Biodegradable burial containers

  • Shallow aerobic-level grave depth

  • No chemicals or pesticides

  • Dedicated natural wildlife habitat

Imagine having the option to be buried somewhere more like a nature preserve than a conventional cemetery — being able to choose a sanctuary where the process of becoming earth is peaceful, harmonious, and just as natural as can be.


The Natural State Burial Association is organized under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  All cash contributions to NSBA are tax deductible.  For donations of land and other appreciated assets, consult your tax advisor to explore the possible benefits.